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  • I enjoy reading the copies of YOUR CHURCH NEWS and find them very interesting, inspirational, informative, and entertaining! I also love the SUDOKU puzzle! You are doing a MARVELOUS job! Just keep up the good work in getting the word of God out to the masses. May God bless you as you continue to do a good work for the Lord.

    Doris Ingram

  • Thank you for publishing a much needed newspaper in our community. During these chaotic times, it is refreshing to read positive and motivational religious  articles.


  • I picked up Your Church Newspaper at church and was so impressed that my wife and I can’t wait for the next month issue!

    Anthony Braxton

  • Just saw a copy of your newspaper for the first time. What a tremendous tool of evangelism! Terrific layout and writing. Sorry it has taken me so long to find it. May God bless you as you spread His truth…!

    Frances Green

  • Your Church News, we picked up your publication at the church … read it front to back and enjoyed it. I am a born-again believer and am delighted to see a religious monthly newspaper put out like yours. May the Lord bless you for helping the Body of Christ connect with each other.

    Samuel Jones

  • I’ve told the publishers that they have no idea how important Your Church News is in setting a positive tone in our community. Your Church News builds hope and faith in people’s lives throughout our area.

    Kenneth Bernard

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